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The Legacy

The original Macheezmo Mouse was founded by William "Tiger" Warren in 1981 after a short career in Hollywood. The chain based out of Portland, OR. had much success in the 80's and into the mid 90's, even making an appearance on Oprah. Macheezmo Mouse was one of the first fast food chains in the US, that produced healthy choice ...

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The New

Recently, Jeff Burlingame is bringing the restaurant back to life. Jeff was one of the top managers of the company along with his wife, Danell, and believes that the marketplace is ready to have them back.

The focus is to bring back nutritionally-balanced portions of healthy great food, ...

What They Say

You've heard the whispers, you've read the tweets, and maybe you've picked up the buzz on Facebook or in the Oregonian. Macheezmo Mouse is making a comeback.

From Susan - "Sooo exciting Danell!! Can't wait to have my Famous Number 5 again!!"

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