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You've heard the whispers, you've read the tweets, and maybe you've picked up the buzz on Facebook or in the Oregonian. Macheezmo Mouse is making a comeback.

Theresa - "I used to go to Mouse near Clackamas Town Center constantly while working way through nursing school. I still can't replicate the dark sauce you make so please open up and since I live about 200 miles away I will still drive to eat at your wonderful restaurant."

Stephanie Johnson Cox - "I will make a trip to Portland just for Mouse food!!!! I can't wait!!!"

Sarah Hedahl Pham - "This makes me the happiest woman!!!! I can't wait to taste this deliciousness again. My mouth hasn't stopped craving this food for the past 12 years."

Richard McElroy - "We are so excited to see you are coming back! It's more than just a place to eat! We often ate, laughed, learned, prayed and grew over plates of your delicious food. Can't wait!"

Susan - "Sooo exciting Danell!! Can't wait to have my Famous Number 5 again!!"

Dan - "Thank you Danell & Jeff for taking over the stewardship of those Macheezmo Mouse tables! The icing on the deal was the quart of Boss sauce. I cooked up some black bean and brown rice over the week end just for the sauce. Its been more than 10 years since having it, but it took me back to the days of the old Salmon street store when I worked across the street at the Heathman Hotel and our group would go across the street for afternoon brew and nacho's. The sauce is amazing and I plan to try it on just about everything, except my breakfast cereal; but maybe some ice cream (?). Thanks again and good luck with the venture!"

Tajsha - "Had the BEST NACHO'S and BOSS SAUCE... oh how I've missed you! Can't wait to have you back!"

Kristy Charroin - "Omg so excited! I've missed you all these years. Think of you almost every time I pass your old spot at the airport."