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Jeff & Danell BurlingameRecently, Jeff Burlingame and his wife, Danell, are bringing Macheezmo Mouse back to life. Jeff was one of the top managers of the original company and believes that the marketplace is ready to have them back.

Taking on the role of "refounder," Jeff has rights to the restaurant's trademark name, its whimsical etched-mouse logo and recipes to Macheezmo's uniquely flavored salsas, including the dark brown "Boss Sauce" that complemented the bean burritos, chicken enchiladas and most everything else on the old menu.

"We miss the food," he said. "My wife is a personal trainer. We can't find the healthy food we want to eat. We can't find the kind of service we want. We're looking to do something on our own, from an entrepreneurial aspect."

The focus is to bring back a new Macheezmo Mouse with nutritionally-balanced portions of healthy great food, local ownership and food sourcing and the community and fellowship of both the past and the new.

  • Fast casual restaurant
  • Mexican fusion cuisine
  • Healthy, fresh, trendy, nostalgic

Danell Burlingame, who worked for the Mouse in 1996 when she was 16, feels the time is right for a healthy, convenient, casual-dining option - a concept that Macheezmo Mouse helped to pioneer before others ran with the concept.

"I believe by bringing Macheezmo Mouse back, we will offer a true healthy alternative when dining out," she said. "It was a success before eating healthier was even what people thought or cared much about. Now you see and hear about healthier options in every restaurant. In today's world, it will be even more successful."

While Jeff, her husband of 13 years, will focus on business, Danell will work on the nutrition and menu aspects.

"Breaking down the nutritional facts even more than in the past and adding additional options we believe will cause Macheezmo Mouse to stand out and be unlike the others," she said. "People will love the food. It will be just as good as they remembered back in the day. Maybe even better!"